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Natural Environment

The village of Alaminos is embraced by gorgeous scenery which is rich in both colours and scents. Wild vegetation, cultivable pieces of land and crystal clear sea mingle harmonically creating a picturesque landscape.

Land cultivation in Alaminos has constituted one of the basic professions for the residents from the old times until today. Especially in the past, the cultivation of the land was an extremely difficult and heavy task. Nowadays, agricultural machineries make the cultivating of land easier and more productive. Most cultivations include mainly citrus fruits such as orange and lemon trees, and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and artichokes. The quality and the production size of these specific kinds is seriously influenced by irrigation and for this reason farmers have resorted to water drills to face the drought periods.

Some olive trees are also cultivated in our village. However, olive tree cultivation is limited to covering the needs of the family.

The non-cultivated pieces of land are covered with rich vegetation such as cypresses, acacias and pine trees.

A magical scenery, a paradise of colours and scents, is revealed in February when almond trees bloom. One could claim that flowering almond trees constitute one of the most beautiful pictures of our village.

Nature has undoubtedly presented Alaminos with unique beauty.

Alaminos Community Council

Palm trees


Citrus Fruits